" I gave it all to yooouuuu , with no questions asked...." ( As " Never No More " plays in my head ) I can't believe it's been 12 years Since the death of Aaliyah Dana Haughton ( Princess of R&B and the Queen of Urban pop).  

The Brooklyn native was one of the biggest 90s R&B artist of my time. Aaliyah was definitely " MORE THEN A WOMEN " giving us singles like "One and Million", " 4 page letter", " Down with the Clique" and "Age ain't nothing but a number" just to give you a few to refresh your memory. She stole our hearts many times just being herself, which we all love.

 The artist reached new levels of her career staring in the movie " Romeo Must Die " and also landing another starring roll in " The Queen Of The Damned " Aaliyah was well on her way to becoming one of the biggest heavy hitters of her time . It feels like just the other day I was watching the behind the scenes of her new "ROCK THE BOAT" video on B.E.T. Access Granted of her :(. 

Aaliyah was everything and more the girl you wanted to be ( As my sister would say ). She was also a trendsetter in fashion as well as you can see with artist like Rihanna , Teyana Taylor and Ciara that looked up to her for inspiration for the whole sexy 90s tomboy trend going on or even the like fitted sports bra and crop tops with baggy pants or fitted leather pants. Aaliyah was truly that somebody we all loved.

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  1. I almost miss that time period growing up. Everything has changed so much since then. Aaliyah was one of the figures I had looked up to dearly while I was struggling with my own human identity. I'm still grappling with it daily. It hurt heavily, almost a soulful jarring wound/jab when she died. I couldn't handle the reality & weight of her death. I don't know if I ever recovered from her passing. It seemed so surreal when it had happened. She was an endearing mind. Damn. R.I.P. Aaliyah.