3.1 Phillip Lim Resort 2014 Collection

  Seeing Lim's 2014 Resort Collection upon 1st glance isn't what you would traditionally think of as a resort collection and on a lot of levels it isn't! Lim as of late is a busy man and so is his target market, women who like to play while they work or work while they play(The Modern Woman). Lim really with this resort collection touched on everything that made his past collections a hit and a continuing mainstay Chic, fun, flirty, and of course modern). The silhouettes, cuts, and fit of a lot of this collection touches on a bit of the 90's chic look that was so famous at one point in time, from the fit of the pants to accessories paired with the collection i.e. small little backpacks(which is just a remake of his hit "Pashli Bag"), the the square heeled strappy sandals, and of course the crop tops this is definitely on trend for the 90's revival movement going on as of late. Lim definitely focused on widening proportions, streamlining, and using his amazing styling that has always catapulted his collections to another level from his superiors. While this is a bit more mature for Lim he's still added hints of fun and pop with those sherbet-hued laser-cut scuba leathers, the fuzzy pom-pom "dandelions" a bomber jacket, flattery prints, and a little farm animal(the last LOL for youth). Phillip is here to stay and that's who this collection embodies! With Lim winning a CFDA Award for the second year running expect even more on the next collection!

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