As I cry writing this post about Givenchy Spring 2014 menswear collection. Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE GIVENCHY!!! It's crazy how I was falling out of love with Givenchy brand for a little bit, but as soon as I saw a change in their pre-spring collection ( you can also see my post as well for (click the link) Givenchy pre-spring ) I got pulled right back in and it didn't make it any better with this Space-Aztec-Techno-Warrior collection Tisci designed. I was in love with everything from the tribal make-up, to the technology radio that doubled also as print, the different animals on shorts, and the African inspired faces on T-shirts, shorts, and skirts. The patterns and colors in the collection were all traditional Tisci! never straying far from what makes him a great designer and as always staying true to the Givenchy style with this menswear line. Love the inspiration for the collection African styled layering, rugby stripes,  aztec indian like face paint, and the L.A. Boombox beach skateboarder! This is Givenchy at its finest, keeping in line with what makes it such a genius commercial hit in the fashion industry but also something fresh and new! 



  1. Amazing collection have to agree with your post on the direction Ricardo has taken

  2. I haven't seen this collection till now! This is great! Love the influences... I agree with your assessments