Everyone knows I love men fashion so it was only right that I decide to compile a list of my TOP 5 best dress men of 2013, which in my opinion didn't work out to well (lol) only because I tend to gravitate towards my favorites in fashion and a few other notables. I really wanted to focus on the men that are making waves with their style in the industry within this year. As I narrowed my style choices down I started to notice that many of my choices had similar styles which made my list seem somewhat smaller then I had originally planned. Being the person that I am I took matters into my own hands and came up with a pretty interesting but great top 5. While compiling the list I also came to the conclusion that some of my choices reach weren't just limited to 2013, my choices seem to be all around style icons (I say style icons because these are individuals who bend the laws of fashion and not just in men's fashion but fashion period!. These are individuals that people look up to and pull inspiration from on a daily, their influence is undeniable and that to me translates to a style icon.)

The rocker turned actor Lenny Kravitz definitely is an individual that owns his style from head to toe. Lenny was stuck in the right era of time where artist actually gave you a on stage performance look, which he took off stage and transformed into his own personal style. Lenny has played everything from 60s stonier to denim-clad rock star, someday's he gives you really relaxed looks that may be layered and grungy like and other days you get the whole tailored fitted I have nipple rings but I don't care cause I'm wearing them as accessories.(I can definitely say Lenny is one of the best who can pull off a nose ring and a man purse and still look masculine.With style for me it's all about owning your look and making it your own just be yourself and this is exactly why Lenny is on my list and at the top of it.)

Marc Jacobs has a style that SCREAMS individuality and walking to the beat of your own drum. I'm such a fan of the designers in your face style(that somewhat blurs the line between what's right an what's wrong) but yet it still has the ability to come off clean. Marc being the true chameleon he is can go from a clean and chic GQ look and the next to something over the top (like his Met Gala long sleeve lace oversize button-up). Always The master of taking something simple and making it an eye-catching outfit has always been his trademark (like pairing a kilt or something a little grunge has always changed the aesthetic of simple outfit for Marc). Even though people never feature Marc on the best dress list much, I honestly think he should be! Marc owns his style and doesn't apologize for who he is. Confidence is always the best accessory and he sure has lots of IT! 

Even though many people may occasionally call the designer/producers personal style odd,  Pharrell has proven that he is definitely ahead of his time always letting us know his personality is Vibrant, bold, free, and even wild at times (These are the things I love about him!)Pharrell has the uncanny ability to influence trends that most never thought would see the light of day ( I for one feel Pharrell doesn't get the proper credit he deserves. The whole bringing of the 90s wild mall kid, print on print or patterned looks he definitely is one of the few men to adopt these trends early on). Pharrell also is great at cleaning up his look & representing the modern man who has many style personalities, he cleans up well.

Johnny Depp is the definition of " I don't care chic "(lol). Depp relies on sense of style to create his look (as you can see above) and he even incorporates elements of Keith Richards fashionable rock attire in his personal style and also in his on screen style (I feel a lot of his roles are his style they never seem to off). Even tho I'm more of the kind to try everything type of guy. I appreciate Johnny's style I get a little 90s kind of boho feel from it with the dark denim, solid black or white tee's even a few graphic tees, and the many accessories and hats he wears. I wanna say his real statement pieces are his jacket's he get prints details for those.

Last but definitely not least Will Smith the actor/rapper/producer style is always very well put together and he always looks age appropriate. Will is one who is not afraid to pull out those bold colors, prints, and patterns. This is what women would say " A man should look like this when trying new things in fashion." Will was also a Style Icon during the late 80s & early 90s with his known role as Will in "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" (one of my fav shows growing up). There you would see prints, color blocking, suits, patterns a lot of interesting trends we see today. I would say another major star who style played a big role in his acting career.

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