My day was very chill and I mostly stayed in all day, but wasn't going to spend my first friday night chilling in the house. I decide to chill out at The Art Bar which is a nice little bar and restaurant. Sorry I didn't get much pictures of the art or the place, but I did of my outfit though( lol.) I wore a BULLS snapback and a leather biker jacket I pieced with this long oversized flannel which I cut the sleeves off of (If you haven't notice I'm always editing my pieces. ) I also wore some cut up distressed denim shorts and some red and black Jordan's.


Bulls Snapback - Goodwill
Oversize Pajama Flannel - Park ave thrift
Levi shorts- Park ave thrift
Jordan 1s

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  1. It likes a dress but it still perfect on you. How do you do this!?