Askia Takes On New York

I just made one of the biggest little move of my life ( :( ).No family, No Job, No anything, guess you can say i'm actually all grown up now (lol), but I recently, well yesterday made my way to New York from Woodstock Ga. Even though I really don't feel like I'm here yet maybe because I just left a few weeks ago from my first trip and now it's like I'm back but I actually live here. ( WOW!! It just hit me.)

I always had a dream of moving to New York and I'm finally living out my dreams and making them reality. Never let anyone tell you something can't be done. Always have faith in everything and anything you do.


  Wide Brim Hat: Horse Town 
Graphic Tee: Urban outfitter 
  Vintage Messager Bag 
  Skinny Jeans: Hottopic 
 Leather Biker Jacket: Park Ave Thrift 
 Leather Biker Boots: Park Ave Thrift

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