A few weeks back I talked about a feature on High end Anti-Luxury T-shirt Brand HGHSTRNG. Everyone that knows me knows that I don't usually get into a lot of or even pay any attention to any t-shirt brands, but when you can give me something that comes off fashionable, chic, and something somewhat different I actually start to pay more attention to it and HGHSTRNG gives me just that! I see tone's of the little fashion kids wearing this during fashion week or any fashion event. So I had to  do a feature on the Anti-Luxury Brand. 

 What is HGHSTRNG and what separates HGHSTRNG from all the other T-shirt brands?

HGHSTRNG is the evolution of a propaganda campaign started back in 2009, mainly to poke fun at high end fashion and the upper class, to evoke the question "why the fuck do you care about labels so much?" it was started during the hype of everyone doing whatever it took to get that Louis Vuitton bag or those Chanel glasses or getting in that summer party in The Hampton's; it just seemed ridiculous and slightly repulsive. From those thoughts HGHSTRNG was born. The difference between us and other T-Shirt brands, is that we aren't a brand. HGHSTRNG is an idea, to strive to break from the mainstream and shake things up by doing it different even though it looks the same. We also have a hand in other outlets besides fashion, it's an ongoing evolution.

I love the fact that your going against the whole " I need designer everything" even though at times I feel I may fall in with the whole OMG That's not a "Vivienne Westwood blazer or a Givenchy Bomber Jacket " or even "Balenciaga sneakers"  I do feel it's really not about the labels it's more about how you wear it, you actually can make people think it's a high-end designer by how you put your look together. So definitely agree with your thoughts.

Where do you see HGHSTRNG in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I see the HGHSTRNG spreading beyond T-shirts and hopefully beyond common fashion, as I mentioned we have hands in multiple outlets: fashion, music, film, art etc. So I want to continue infiltrating different markets and sub genres.

It's great that your taking something you just called an "IDEA" making it something more then fashion and taking it into a more grander scale and taking into mogul-esque territories.

Whats up next for HGHSTRNG?

In the coming months, we have a few visual and audio projects coming out with some of the artists that we work with.

Definitely will be on the look out for all the latest from HGHSTRNG in the future. Also you all can stay updated as well by going to follow all the madness from the Anti-luxury Brand.

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