While attending Kendrick Daye " BUY BYE GREATELECTIC POPUP SHOP!" A good friend of mines ( you can check out an earlier post on his event on my blog click here ) I came across a girl that  immediately caught my eye when entering the room, not knowing she was an artist and also one of the performers of the night at the event. I was more than interested to see what type of music I would hear from her. I actually had come across her Instagram before which is crazy! As  MOXIIE took the floor at the event her and her dancers stole the show! I was totally blown away by her performance and talent she possessed. So you already knew what that meant?! I had to do a feature on Ms. MOXIIE....

Who is Moxiie?

Moxiie is the real deal. I'm an artist, a self taught songwriter. An entertainer. Doer of dope shit. 

Explain your style? 

My style is raw, and composed mostly of contradictions. 

What is Jungle Pop? 

Jungle Pop is my sound and it is whatever I feel it should be at the time. I interpret things thru my mind's creativity factory from my Haitian background, my love of Brooklyn, Jay-z & Biggie and my obsession with pop. 

where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 

In 5 years I see myself having toured extensively, charting on Billboard's Hot 100, and partnered up in a non-traditional deal with a company that has the reach and resources of a major label...or Interscope.

Do you have any new projects coming up? 

Yes, I have SCANDIRARA top of July. It's a fun summer EP. Very different from everything else I've done. Then, we have UNCAGED, the mixtape which I released 2 songs/visuals from (BIG, and Parachute), and in the fall I'm releasing an acoustic EP with The Hustle Standard. I have projects into 2014 along with several dope features I've recorded this summer. Just have to keep my mouth shut until things are actually released, ya know? 

Can you give a few inspiring words for up and coming artist?

 Yes, always. Please DO NOT WAIT. That person who's validation you want is likely too insecure to give it to you or just doesn't care. Doesn't make them a bad person. We all have a lot on our minds. Don't put yourself in the hands of another. Trust yourself, and prove that you do with ACTION. Validate yourself. Don't be afraid to suck at something. No one starts the way they finish. If you never start you go NOWHERE.

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