Askia Takes on New York:: WILLAMSBURG

My day started off by going to get a line up which I haven't done in forever. I usually cut my own hair but I wanted grow my hair out for a little and also I didn't bring my clippers :(. After a hour hair cut, I took a trip to Williamsburg which is a very nice place to live. It's tones of little shops to shop at like thrifts stores, boutique, and lots of restaurants . I mostly spend my whole day there, a lot of events where going on cause of the North-side festival concert the whole weekend. Me and a few friends went for lunch at The burger guru on the corner of N 8st. I wanna say that it maybe the best lunch spot I've been to in New York so far. I had the Classic burger with the season styled fries amazing and they also have a good selection of sauces which are also amazing. Ended my day at the little beach they have Williamsburg and watched the sunset.

Also ran into one of my favorite people Derek Sturdivant never a dole moment around this dude. lol love him..


  1. wow these pictures are amazing! do u take theseyourself??

    1. yeah the one's without me in them I took them..thank you