Askia Takes On New York:: The Northside Lovers

Let me start off by saying " Today was one of my best day ever in New York. " I started my day by blogging (lol) as usual, while trying to get dressed for the Solange concert. I WAS DEFINITELY RUSHING TO GET DRESSED SO I CAN BE FRONT ROW AND CENTER. I was overly excited to see the new love of my life Solange Knowles. I had breakfast and was dressed and ready and on my way to The Northside festival which was held in Brooklyn at McCarren Park sponsored by Converse rubber track. 

The festival kicked off with a performance by Puerto Rican/American songwriter Angelica Marie mymidnightheart )she had a real 80s pop rock sound. I loved how her and her bandmates had 3 matching dots on their forehands as well.

The 2nd act of the day was called CABLE ( SpaceyTracyBone )I loved her outfit from her cat-eye shades to olive green trench coat and this gold plate transparent kind of leather Holographic plate short dress pieced with a nude onesie and all black high top converse

The 3rd act of the night came from South African Artist Petite Noir ( petitenoirmusic ) who came dressed in all black wearing a all black fitted, a leather t-shirt which zipped up halfway up the side, black ashy skinny jeans, and vans.

All the acts were pretty dope got the crowd hype for the mine event. At this point I already have butterflies and am ready to see electric soul artist Solange Knowles. I was excited to see what she was going to wear and also hear a few of my favorite songs like " LOVERS IN THE PARKING LOT ", " TONY ", and " LOSING YOU " just to name a few.

 Ms. Solange came to the stage wearing this printed, pattern inspired Jamaican colored fitted cap and I wanna say H&M or Topshop navy blue and forest green striped T-shirt and some distressed cut up denim shorts with some Emanuel Ungaro Grey laser cut peep toe tree branch heel boots from his 2008 fall ready to wear collection which I loooovvvveeeedddSolange was amazing and she was even loving the crew as she came in the crowd and partied with us as we sung along with her to each and every song. She also pulled a ME with this outfit change once the party really got started by tying up her shirt to show us a little of this one piece swim suit she was wearing and also switched out her Ungrao boots for some black and white line pattern tennis shoes. I'm still in shock from her coming in the crowd and only just to come chill with me and my crew :). 

 Also Solange wanted to get in my selfie :). We had a lot of great moments.

Her son JEWELS made a little appearances as well. 

 I ended my night at Spice, an awesome thai food spot in 14th street Union Square! I ordered these great asian styled wings with a side of ricegreat bang for your buck! Check them out if you just want to feel fancy while on budget!


  1. omggggggg! i love solange! im jealous of your life lol!

    1. lol. she was amazing but don't be whenever you come to nyc i'm pretty sure you'll run into her or someone famous