My INNER Club Kid

Xerxes from The Movie
Shot by Jason Kim
Models-  Jenna Earle & Alena Blohm
for Blackbook Magazine
Designers Prada & Miu Miu
2012 fall collections

A Lot of my followers on different social networks always ask me where I get my inspiration from for some of the outfits I wear. I thought I would touch on a outfit I wore a few weeks back to a good friend of mine's birthday party. The party was called "HARD CANDY" and the theme was "CLUB KID". I love themed parties so I was excited to put together a look. I came with so many looks Beforehand.  I didn't know if I wanted to be colorful, or be avant garde, or do something really punk. I honestly can never make up my mind until last minute before I walk out the door (I usually just say who cares this is how I will look and walk out the door lol). As I was looking up some inspiration I came across a few images of  Xerxes from the movie "300" and came across an editorial called " COLORFUL CLUB KID " in Black Book Magazine shot by Jason Kim. I finally came up with my look I called " The Persian Punk God ", but putting together a look that was inspired by Xerxes was a little to much for me if I wasn't going to change outfits so I combine my two inspirations up with the outfit you see below.

Military Hat- Cobb Antiques Store
Jewelry-  Forever21 & H&M
Fishnet Hoodie-  Park Ave Thrift
Suspenders- Hottopic
Vintage Plaid Pants cut into shorts- Park Ave Thrift
Leather Biker Boots-Park Ave Thrift

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